Artificial Grass Installation

When it comes to artificial grass installation, most people turn to the professionals.

The seasoned team at Edinburgh Artificial Grass install fake turf throughout Edinburgh and the surrounding areas.

Not every project is straightforward, that is why our installation team will come out to assess your property first. Based on the assessment, we can give you a proper quote for professional installation of your artificial lawn. To ensure your lawn looks its best year after year, it is vital to lay artificial grass properly.

For DIY enthusiasts, Edinburgh Artificial Grass offer a supply only service too. Get everything you need for your fake grass project delivered direct to your door.

Planning and Preparation

Planning the artificial lawn project is the first step. Before any installation process takes place, the area needs measured. Calculate the amount of weed membrane, underlay, shock pad, aggregates and fake grass required for the project by measuring in square metres. Proper measurement ensures ordering of correct product amounts.

Clear the area of unwanted real grass, weeds, spoil and clay before you lay your grass in the new fake garden. For the DIY enthusiast, a spade and wheelbarrow will be the tools of choice. A team of installation professionals will use a proper turf cutter to complete this process quicker. Assess the drainage of the area, as this is vital.

Lay the proper subbase next. The style of fake grass together with the manufacturer’s instructions, will determine the amount and type of subbase required.

Adding sharp sand on top of the subbase is the next step. This, added correctly, will bind the subbase. The sand needs to be compact and level. Professional installers will use a vibrating plate or roller to compact and level the ground.

To keep your artificial lawn looking its best for years, the addition of a weed membrane is important. This membrane goes on top of the sand and subbase. This easy process involves rolling out the sheets of membrane and cutting to fit, using a sharp knife or Stanley knife.

Shock pad or other type of underlay is the next step in the fake grass installation process. Add the desired frame to fix the artificial grass to if required. To allow water to run off the fake turf, the edging should not be higher than the final grass line.

Installation Process

Careful planning is necessary before laying the artificial grass. For a natural look, we recommend laying the grass with the pile going towards the house or main feature. Ensure the pile runs in the same direction for each piece of synthetic grass. Before cutting the fake grass, take the time to roll out the grass and position it to achieve the best fit. Once you are happy that the pile runs in the same direction, leave the artificial grass for a few hours, or overnight, to acclimatise and allow any creases to fall out. Do not rush this process.

It is now time to lay the artificial grass. The next step is to trim the synthetic grass to the required shape. Use a sharp knife to cut the artificial grass. To join two or more pieces of fake grass, place the edges together and apply joining tape to the seams, then add a bond.

Use a stiff broom to brush kiln dried sand into the pile of the artificial grass. This will encourage the pile to stand upright.

When it comes to installing artificial grass, the professional team at Edinburgh Artificial Grass have the experience you need. We have the materials and tools required to transform your garden with synthetic grass.

Edinburgh Artificial Grass also offer products on a supply only basis for professional landscapers and DIY enthusiasts. With a variety of grass styles and widths to choose from, we have something for every budget. Are you ready to start your artificial grass installation project?

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Contact Edinburgh Artificial Grass to arrange a free, no obligation, site survey. Our team supply and install the best quality artificial grass throughout Edinburgh and the surrounding areas. Upon completion of the survey, the professional team will provide you with a quote for expert artificial grass installation. From our great value fake grass range to our high-end luxury artificial grasses, there is a product suitable for every budget. You can have lush green artificial grass sooner than you think. Finance options are available too.

If you prefer to install the artificial grass yourself, we can supply everything you need and deliver it direct to your door.