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For pet friendly artificial grass, look no further than Edinburgh Artificial Grass.

Our experts can recommend the right product for you and your pets. Covering Edinburgh, Fife, the Lothians and surrounding areas, our team have the perfect pet friendly fake grass for your garden. Artificial grass is the safe, nontoxic alternative to real grass. Little paws, and big paws too, enjoy walking, running and playing on artificial grass. And, humans appreciate the low maintenance aspects of artificial grass.

More and more pet owners are choosing fake grass for their back garden. Natural lawns require regular maintenance to keep them looking great. Homeowners spend a lot of time, money and effort on natural grass garden lawns every year. Did you know that artificial lawns require very little maintenance? With fake grass, pet owners can spend more time with their pets in their garden. Dogs and pets can run and play outdoors all year round, rain or shine, with pet friendly artificial grass installed.

Having a fantastic looking lawn all year round is possible thanks to UV protected artificial grass. The fibres will not fade in direct sunlight. Does spending less time, money and effort on your lawn to make it look great appeal to you? Synthetic grass offers just that. More time to spend with your pets, family and friends. Less money spent on products to keep the lawn in top shape. Less effort too. No more mowing, weeding or watering to have that manicured look. Properly installed artificial grass looks and feels amazing all year round.

Recent Pet Friendly Artificial Grass Install

Here you can see a recent before & after from a pet friendly artificial grass install in Edinburgh. 

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Donna Bramble
Straiton Edinburgh
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Over the moon with our garden transformation! makes such a difference with no more muddy paws ,such a friendly and efficient team
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No Damage from Pet Urine

No need to worry about damage from dog or cat urine or poo when you have fake grass. Unlike real grass, pet and animal urine or poo will not damage artificial grass. Synthetic lawns are permeable, allowing urine from your pets or other animals to drain away. Animal and pet poo are easy to see on artificial grass. Easy to pick up as well. Wash away any residual mess with your garden hose. Or let the rain do the job for you. Edinburgh Artificial Grass also sell products specifically designed to clean and disinfect areas where animals and pets have done their business. Say goodbye to lingering odours with our artificial grass cleaners.

Synthetic grass is durable and designed to withstand heavy use by pets and people. With Instant Recovery Technology, the artificial grass fibres recover time after time to an upright position. Instant Recovery and Natural Look Technology work together giving your fake grass a realistic and natural look. The built in Feelgood Technology reflects the sun’s rays. This means that even on the hottest days, the artificial grass will feel comfortable to touch with hands, feet or paws. Artificial grass is the safe, durable, nontoxic, pet friendly, cost-effective alternative to real grass.

Muddy paw prints are a thing of the past when your back garden has synthetic turf. Your pets can go out and play or do their business, then come back in without tracking mud throughout your house. Imagine the time saved in cleaning up mud alone.

Artificial Grass for Dogs

Dog owners know how important it is for their furry friend to get fresh air and exercise. Artificial grass for dogs is becoming more and more popular. Dogs love to run and play on fake turf. Dog owners love it too, because with fake grass there is no muddy mess when your furry friend comes back indoors.

Dogs often cause irreversible damage to natural lawns. Real grass is easily torn. Without rigorous maintenance efforts, real grass cannot withstand constant use by dogs running and playing. With artificial turf, your dog can run and play without tearing up the lawn. They can roll on the artificial grass without getting muddy. Dogs find professionally installed artificial lawns difficult to dig up.

Artificial turf in your garden means a cleaner home. Your dog can roll in the artificial grass, run through the fake grass, and come back into the house without tracking in mud. The fur will be free of mud as well. Imagine having more time to do what you enjoy without having to clean up after your dog constantly.

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Beneficial for Dog Kennels

Doggie day care centres and commercial dog kennel owners have discovered the benefits of using artificial grass. Synthetic turf installed in kennel runs is a low maintenance choice. Staff will spend less time cleaning the kennels and more time looking after the dogs. Artificial grass is a cost-effective alternative to concrete or natural turf. It is safe to use and easy to clean. Pet friendly artificial grass offers comfort and enjoyment for dogs. Artificial turf eliminates grass sensitivity issues. No more itchy paws. Soft, springy artificial grass offers healthy outdoor exercise and a happy experience for dogs.

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Contact Edinburgh Artificial Grass to arrange a free, no obligation, site survey. Our team supply and install the best quality artificial grass throughout Edinburgh and the surrounding areas. Upon completion of the survey, the professional team will provide you with a quote for expert artificial grass installation. From our great value fake grass range to our high-end luxury artificial grasses, there is a product suitable for every budget. You can have pet friendly artificial grass sooner than you think. Your dog will love you for it. Finance options are available too.

If you prefer to install the artificial grass yourself, we can supply everything you need and deliver it direct to your door.